Child sits on floor of hut beside his mother, both look at the cameraChild sits on floor of hut beside his mother, both look at the camera

Help families to fight climate-driven hunger

could provide a life-saving course of therapeutic food for three children over a year

If you donate €250 or more in any one year, Concern can claim an additional 45% in tax back

You could help families on the brink of starvation today

More than 28 million people at risk of starvation

The number of people at risk of dying in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya will rise if we do not act.

  • More than 28 million people at risk of starvation

  • 5 million children are facing starvation

  • Estimated a person is dying of hunger every 36 seconds

  • Horn of Africa experiencing most severe drought in 40 years

By starting a monthly gift with Concern today, you will help our teams deliver urgent and life-saving assistance to communities facing starvation due to climate change.

Monthly donations from kind supporters like you will enable us to continue responding quickly to the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, whatever it takes. Join us today.

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In some of the world's poorest and most isolated communities, climate change is causing death and starvation. Droughts, floods and other weather extremes are driving hunger by turning fertile land into desert.

Failed harvests and dying livestock are leaving families with no food or source of income, with farming communities like those in Northern Kenya worst affected.

By giving just €2 a week to Concern Worldwide, you could help get emergency food to families whose lands have been ravaged by extreme weather.

Your support could save lives

  • Climate change is posing a threat to life in the world's poorest places
  • Together, we can provide life-saving therapeutic food to children and families on the brink of starvation
  • Together, we can empower communities to build resilience against climate change, with climate-smart farming techniques and drought-resistant seeds
  • You can help to stop hunger with a monthly donation

Where your money goes

More than 90 cent of every euro you donate goes directly towards our relief and development work with the world's most vulnerable people.

In 2021, Concern reached approximately 39 million people in 24 of the world’s poorest countries.

How your donation is used

of your donation goes to Relief and Development

This is spent directly towards our goal of ending extreme poverty.

A girl dressed in her school uniform stands in front of her family's home
  • 6.9%


    This is money spent to raise funds for Concern's work and highlight the needs of the communities we work with.

  • 2.3%

    Education and Advocacy

    We invest money in influencing policies and deepening awareness on issues around global poverty with the public.

  • 0.5%


    Funds spent to ensure Concern Worldwide is managed efficiently and adheres to the highest standards.

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How your donation helps

€21 icon

34 therapeutic food sachets for a malnourished child

€100 icon

Vegetable gardening seeds and tools for four families

€250 icon

Training on climate smart growing for three farmers