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Concern in Europe

Concern believes Europe can and should be a world leader in overseas development and humanitarian assistance.  

Concern's vision

Here is Concern’s submission to a public consultation held by the Forum on Europe in Ireland. This is Concern’s Vision of Europe.

Millennium Development Goals

The European Union is the largest donor in the world. Its resources, policies and practices affect the lives of millions of people across developing countries. The 2010 review of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals reaffirmed Europe’s commitment to achieving these goals by 2015.

While all this is very welcome, the success of the EU aid programme in 2015 will not be judged on aspirations but rather on the deliverance of our promises to the developing world.

Concern in Europe

Concern has a long and positive relationship with organisations in Europe. This is reflected in its membership of Alliance2015, a network of six European aid agencies. The Alliance is working together to achieve of the Millennium Development Goals by the target date of 2015.


Concern is chair of Eurostep, a policy network based in Brussels. It focuses on strengthening the legal, policy, financial and implementation framework underpinning overseas development.

Lisbon Treaty

There are parts of the Lisbon Treaty that deal specifically with overseas development and charity aid. We have produced an analysis of these.

The aim of this is to encourage debate about Europe’s relations with developing countries and the elimination of global poverty.

Read Concern’s analysis of the treaty.