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Concern recognises that in order to fight poverty we cannot work on our own.  

Working together

Poverty has many causes. These include lack of education, weak governance, natural disasters, inequality and loss of employment. To make poverty history, each of these causes need to be tackled. This is the challenge we have set ourselves.

One of the ways we try to do this is to bring together a wide variety of people and charity organisations. Together we can pool our knowledge and resources and work together to fight poverty.

Learning from experience

Our partners come from a range of different backgrounds, from small community-based groups to governments and globally based organisations.

Linking people

These partnerships often serve to link these different sections of society together. Working with governments and organisations at a global level helps us influence changes in policy that help society’s most vulnerable people to gain their rights.

In this diverse world, we have realised that working with others and engaging in partnership will help us achieve our overall aim of making poverty a thing of the past.

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