Direct Dialogue fundraisers

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Direct Dialogue fundraisers

Our Direct Dialogue team fundraise face to face, giving people the opportunity to start a regular donation to Concern.



Regular giving is the lifeblood of our work. It allows us to plan and budget effectively, to ensure that we can tackle poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries. Our Direct Dialogue fundraisers work door-to-door and on the street, asking individuals to commit to a regular direct debit.

Concern has been using Direct Dialogue fundraisers for over a decade throughout Ireland and the UK, and now in Korea too. It continues to be a hugely successful fundraising method offering people a convenient way to help support our work with the world’s poorest people.

Code of practice

We employ and train our own fundraisers and they are all subject to the Face to Face Code of Practice which aims to ensure best practice fundraising at all times. Concern fundraisers work on a flat hourly rate and all costs are included in our annual fundraising budget.

Join the team

Our Direct Dialogue Department is looking for motivated hard-working people. If you’d like to start your career in the charity sector, experience team-work at its best, and improve your excellent communication skills, please apply here.

Queries or concerns

Our face to face fundraisers do not ask for cash or credit card details. If you are worried about whether they are genuine fundraisers, please call us immediately, and if you have reason to believe they are fraudulent please contact the Gardaí immediately. If you have any further questions about our fundraising or should you have any complaint or feedback please contact us.