How Concern is governed

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How Concern is governed

Concern is controlled and regulated by its members.

The members form the general body that has responsibility for the Constitution of Concern Worldwide, the election of the Board of Directors, appointment of the auditors and approval of the annual accounts.

As well as its membership, and the Board, Concern has a senior management team. We are fully compliant with the Governance Code for Irish charities (pdf).

The Board

The Board of Concern is elected from the membership at each annual general meeting of Concern. The maximum number of Board members is 22. The term of office of a Director is three years and Directors may serve three successive three-year terms.

The Board can co-opt members of the organisation when necessary to maintain its full complement of Directors.

The Board meets at least six times a year. It has four standing committees: Finance; Programme Monitoring and Evaluation; Audit and Risk; and Renumeration.

Under Concern's governance regulations, Council members may not be paid staff.

Policy and strategy

The Board's primary function is to agree the policy parameters and strategic framework within which Concern operates, to approve budgets and actions based on proposals from management and to monitor performance.


The Board is accountable to:

  • The donors, for ensuring funds donated are used effectively in pursuit of the organisation’s objectives.
  • Our programme beneficiaries, for the design and implementation of effective programmes that make a real difference in the countrues where we operate.
  • The governments of the countries where we operate, for ensuring that we comply with all relevant requirements.
  • Our staff, for their welfare and safety.


Concern’s membership is open to individuals from the public who have demonstrated an interest in the developing world and charity work. To become a member, you need to be proposed and seconded by two other members.

Interested in becoming a member of Concern? Contact [email protected].

Who is on the Board?

The Board of Concern is currently made up of the following people:

John Treacy (Chairperson), Ciunas Bunworth, Donal D'Arcy, Jacinta Flanagan, Colin Gordon, Paul Jeffcutt, Michael Kenny, Cyril Maybury, Teresa McColgan, Barbara O'Reilly, Nora Owen, Gary Rice, David Ritchie, Rachel Rodgers, Jan Rotte, Catherine Corcoran, Joanna Geraghty, Donald Workman, Zamila Bunglawala, Rosalyn Tamming and Cormac Murphy. 

Board of Concern committees

Strategic Plans

To view our current, or any previous, Strategic Plan click here.