Analysing the causes of poverty

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Analysing the causes of poverty

In each area where we work, we look closely at the causes of poverty and the factors keeping people poor. 

We look at issues like access to education, land ownership and gender. Do people have land to grow food? Do they have access to healthcare? Do they have a voice in their community? Getting answers to these questions helps us target the people who need our help the most, and helps us determine the best way to work in that area. 

Working with communities

The analysis is always done in close collaboration both with the communities themselves and local partners with whom we work. As a result of the analysis, Concern has developed a four-year programme aimed at reducing poverty through the following:

  • Increasing assets such as education, food production, income, overall health and nutrition
  • Decreasing inequality and empowering women and marginalised groups 
  • Decreasing risk and vulnerability: working with communities to ensure they’re prepared for emergencies 

Extreme poverty

This analysis is based on our understanding of extreme poverty. Read our report on this: “How Concern understands extreme poverty.”