Concern and Irish Aid: how we work together

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Concern and Irish Aid: how we work together

In our development work with Irish Aid, we aim to work with the poorest people, to strengthen communities and to ensure that governments are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Our approach

We work directly with communities, targeting the poorest people and improving their lives.

We work at district level, supporting change by helping small development organisations and by making sure local governments are fulfilling their responsibilities. 

We also work at national level – advocating for change, strengthening policies and institutions that help the poor. This is complemented by our work in international advocacy on hunger, health and emergencies. 

Learn more about what Concern and Irish Aid are trying to achieve together:

Evidence and improvements 

The scale and duration of the Irish Aid development funding allows us to gather evidence about our most effective projects. We can then share this information with governments and other organisations, helping them to improve the way they work.

Funding for research

We gather this evidence through our ongoing work and also through our research programmes. Irish Aid is currently funding five research programmes. Read a brief overview of the five research programmes (pdf).

Find out more about our research programmes: 

Changing lives

Here are some examples of how Irish Aid funding is helping to change lives: