Alliance2015 is a network of eight European charities that work together to reduce poverty. They also use their combined influence to advocate for EU policy improvements on international aid.


The Alliance2015 members are:

Global reach

Alliance2015 members currently work in 86 countries. By combining resources, they have a larger reach than each would have separately. Through different organisational strengths and approaches, they work to improve aid effectiveness. 

Millennium Development Goals

The original intention of Alliance2015 was to strengthen the contribution to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The members continue to work on improving joint programmes in countries where several members are present. 

Current activities

Among the 55 joint activities in developing countries, there are 12 shared offices, 18 consortium projects funded by EU institutions (mostly ECHO) and 13 funded by other donors. The most extensive and complex cooperation exists in Pakistan - where five members have been cooperating in large-scale rehabilitation projects since the floods in 2010.

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