How we raise money

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How we raise money

Charities raise money in many ways. At Concern, we strive to be as transparent and accountable as possible. 

Charity fundraising

These include regular payments via Direct Debit; frequent or infrequent donations; community-based collections; socially responsible business donations or fundraising; sponsored events, such as trekking, running, skydiving; Charity Tax Relief and contributions from a Special Savings Incentive Account (applies to Ireland only).

Major operational impact

Concern entered a strategic relationship with the Irish government for a four year period from 2012-15 through its programme grant scheme.  In 2012, Concern received €19.9 million as the first instalment of significant multi-year programme support, which will have a great impact on Concern’s operations around the world. 

Agencies, donors and trusts

Concern also received major financial co-funding support from Irish Aid, the European Union (including the European Community Humanitarian Office and the Disaster Preparedness Programme), the United Nations, the British government, Charity: Water, Concern Worldwide US and from a distinguished list of other government agencies, private donors, and major trusts.

Learn more about institutional donors.

Concern continues to enjoy the financial support of staff from many organisations, who contribute through salary deduction and other schemes.

Concern out and about

Our team of face to face fundraisers, including door-to-door and on the street, give people the opportunity to start a regular donation to Concern. We also have a special fundraising team who focus on our emergency response.

Fundraising guidelines

Concern Worldwide is committed to achieving the standards outlined in the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.

Annual report

Full details of our programmes, income and expenditure for 2017 are available to read in our 2017 annual report.