Declaration of commitment

Declaration of commitment

As signatories to this Code, Concern confirms its commitment to best practice in communications affects the entirety of our organisation.

By signing the Code, Concern commits to putting in place meaningful mechanisms to ensure that the Code’s principles are implemented throughout all its activities.

Concern's responsibilities as a signatory to this Code lead it to be accountable in its public communications as follows:

1. Concern will make the existence of the Code known to the public and all its partners and will provide a feedback mechanism whereby anyone can comment on the fulfilment of the Code and where any member of the public will have a right to challenge Concern's application of the Code

2. Concern will communicate its commitment to best practice in the communication of images and messages in all its public policy statements by placing the following statement on its relevant public communications (annual reports, website, policy statements, governance documents, leaflets and communication materials etc): “Concern has signed the code of conduct on images and messages (”

3. Concern commits to assess its public communications on an annual basis according to the guiding principles

4. Concern will include reference to adherence to the Code in the guiding principles of its organisation and ensure that the top management take the responsibility of implementing and adhering to the code

5. Concern will ensure that all relevant suppliers, contractors and media adhere to the Code when working with Concern

6. Concern commits to training its staff on the use of images and messages

7. Concern agrees to share its experience of implementing the Code with other signatory charities and will report annually to Dóchas on this experience