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Many of the countries where Concern Worldwide works are highly vulnerable to disaster – prone to floods, storms, earthquakes and droughts. The frequency of these disasters is increasing at an alarming rate.

Quick response

Concern is committed to meeting the humanitarian goal of saving lives and alleviating suffering. In emergency situations, it is vital that we respond quickly and effectively so that we can help sustain the lives and dignity of the people affected by a disaster. It is also important that we work with vulnerable communities in countries prone to disaster so that we can help reduce the impact and frequency of emergency situations.

Reducing risk

In countries susceptible to disaster, Concern believes that disaster risk reduction is an integral part of development. By enabling communities to establish early warning mechanisms, we can help prevent and minimise the impact of future crises. Such measures allow us to focus not only on saving lives, but also on protecting people’s livelihoods. We don’t just deal with the short-term needs of communities affected by disaster, but we stay there and tackle the long-term needs too.

Our emergency team

Our emergency response team consists of more than 50 experts who are ready to respond to an emergency within 24 hours. Last year, we responded to 45 emergencies in 18 countries, reaching more than 2.5 million people. 


Since the earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, Concern has been responding to the short- and long-term needs of over 109,000 people. Within the first six months, we have:

  • Distributed shelter and supplies to over 95,000 people
  • Given 58,000 people access to clean water
  • Provided shelter for 58,000 people
  • Distributed 47,000 blankets; 2,300 tents; 10,000 mosquito nets; 5,000 hygiene kits
  • Provided 10,000 people with food

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The devastating flooding that hit Pakistan in July 2010 was a disaster of epic proportions. This emergency was like nothing that has been experienced in Concern’s 42-year history. This video shows how we have responded to it.

In depth

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