Help save children from Measles in Somalia

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Protecting Somalia's children

Measles is a highly contagious disease, which can, at its worst, cause fevers, pneumonia, brain damage and eventually death.

Drought and the ongoing food crisis have caused widespread hunger and forced millions to flee their homes in search of food and support, with many of these ending up on the outskirts of the country's capital city Mogadishu. 

Low vaccination rates mean these increasingly overcrowded areas have become a breeding ground for contagious diseases.

Thousands of children have died in recent months.

Meet Hani

At just three-years-old, little Hani has already lived through so much.

Little Hani (3) and her mother Drought and food shortages forced her mother to take her and her siblings from the countryside to the overcrowded outskirts of Mogadishu in search of food and shelter. By then, Hani, a usually bubbly and happy child, had started losing her appetite and was crying more than she normally would.

Luckily, Hani was able to get help from a local Concern health centre, who quickly diagnosed her with measles and began treatment. 

Concern's response

Measles is easily preventable through a simple one-off dose of vaccine.

Concern is helping to run immunisation programmes in emergency health centres in Somalia. Donations help keep these centres running and provides staff administering vaccines.

Community health workers and nurses diagnose and treat the symptoms, while also providing infected children with the medicine and nutrient-rich supplementary food they need to regain their strength. 

You can help

Drought left them homeless, then hunger left them weak. Now, preventable disease threatens Somalia's youngest. Please give what you can to help save the lives of children like Hani.

could provide life-saving food sachets to a child for two weeks
health cross
could provide life-saving sachets to a child for four weeks
health cross
could provide and entire family with food for two months