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Inspirational baking

Students at Muhammadi Madrasah in Birmingham recently took part in Bake a Difference. They held a bake sale which raised more than £400 for Concern Worldwide.

Something for everyone

AS-level students at Muhammadi Madrasah organised the event and sold a range of delicious home-baked cakes, cookies, cupcakes and muffins. They catered for all tastes and appetites with plenty of cakes to go around.

New tradition

The sale itself was an overwhelming success, raising £400.52 for Concern’s lifesaving food programmes. Muhammadi Madrasah hope that taking part in Bake a Difference will become a new tradition for them. The AS-level students are already planning to build on their success next year. Three cheers to such inspirational students – and a big thank you for supporting Concern’s work!

Take a look at their cake sale in the photo gallery below. 

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