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Let the baking commence!

Bake a Difference got off to a flying start yesterday in Concern’s Dublin office. It was a mouth-watering bake-off and the standard of cakes was very high.

Delicious delights

The baking has commenced, and we can assure you that there has been a lot of lovin’ from the oven! The bake-off consisted of every cake under the sun and we were lucky enough to get to sample them all – everything from jam tarts and chocolate cakes to lemon cake and even a haunted graveyard cake! 

A fair bake-off

We had our very own external judge for the occasion courtesy of our local delicatessen Liston’s. Layla ensured that the bake-off was operated in a fair and transparent manner and she judged the cakes according to her expert knowledge of baking. After much deliberation, the blueberry cake was christened the overall winner. But, it was a close contest and judging by the empty plates, it’s safe to say that all of the cakes were winners on the day. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the photo gallery below.