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Transforming lives in Ethiopia

This week, we have a guest blogger. She tells us how Bake a Difference transformed the lives of people in a remote part of Ethiopia. Please welcome Concern Worldwide’s Siobhan Sheerin!

Failed harvests 

Like many people, I had been deeply affected by the devastating images from last year’s drought in east Africa. Ethiopia was hit pretty badly. Most people in Ethiopia rely on agriculture, so when the rains fail or are late, there isn’t enough to eat. It’s a cycle that, sadly, keeps repeating itself. 

Food and water 

One of the areas affected badly is Amhara in the north. We work in some of the hardest-to-reach mountain villages in Amhara. We provide seeds, livestock and training and help people get access to clean water. 

Clambering barefoot

These people walk for hours every day to get to the nearest water point. It was while in Bugna, a remote area in the region, that I saw young children and old ladies carrying 25kg water containers on their backs, clambering up mountains barefoot. I could barely manage that in my sturdy walking boots.

Rebuilding lives 

Yet despite living in extreme poverty, the people here are resilient and hard-working. They don’t want hand-outs – they want to be able to help themselves and rebuild their lives. People like Shewaye, a young mother whose children were treated for malnutrition by Concern last year. When I met her, she told me how she had learned to breastfeed properly through one of our charity projects. 

Because of you

We were only able to help Shewaye because of you. Your support of Bake a Difference helps us reach the most vulnerable people. By showing your concern, you are helping to transform the lives of the world’s poorest people. 

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