Bangladesh shelter appeal

Sakuma Begum has lived on the streets of Dhaka for most of her life. Photo: Jennifer Nolan / Concern Worldwide

Homeless children need your help

Every night, 112,000 people sleep rough on the streets of Bangladesh. For children like Sakuma and her younger brother Kassim, the streets are an extremely dangerous place to sleep. There is a constant risk of violence and kidnapping.

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Sakuma's story

Sakuma's family fled to Dhaka in the hope of building a life there after their home in rural Bangladesh was destroyed. But every night she faced the dangers of sleeping on the pavements. 

"People started beating us, and we didn't have enough food. I hated the night-time because when we used to try and sleep, the boys and men came."

Things got worse when, in act of desperation, Sakuma's mother sold her kidney to provide for her children. Sakuma was devastated when her mother died, leaving her to fend for herself and her younger brother, Kassim. 

"For so many days we had no food. My brother was crying because we were starving."

Thankfully, Sakuma found safety in one of Concern's Pavement Dweller Centres.

"Now I feel like this is my home. Now I can sleep in peace at night."

You can help today

With so many other children scared and alone on the streets, we urgently need your help.

Our Pavement Dweller Centres (PDCs) can provide a safe place to sleep and warm, nourishing food for homeless children.  

By donating today, you can help to protect children like Sakuma from the horrors they face on the streets. Please give what you can. 

could give two children somewhere safe to sleep for five weeks.
could give five children somewhere safe to sleep for one month.
could give four children somewhere safe to sleep for two months.