Christmas appeal 2017

Nyakoun gives her baby Thujin emergency therapeutic food provided by Concern in a camp for South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia. Photo: Jennifer Nolan / Concern Worldwide, August 2017.

Christmas appeal 2017

Since 2013, brutal civil conflict in South Sudan has forced almost 2 million people to flee their homes and seek safety in neighbouring countries.

This Christmas you can help families who have lost everything with life-saving food parcels. 

Nyakoun's Story

Nyakoun's quiet rural life in South Sudan was shattered by the war. Both of her beloved brothers were killed and she had to run for her life with her baby girl, Knyakotar, in her arms.

"We walked for six days without food. So many people were killed in front of us – even children... My daughter cried the whole way."

While Nyakoun made it safely to a refugee camp in Ethiopia, escaping the war has not brought an end to her suffering. Her one-year-old son Thujin, who was born a refugee, contracted malaria and was left severely malnourished. Nyakoun was now faced with the devastating prospect of losing her baby to hunger.

When Thujin arrived in our nutrition centre, he weighed 6.2kg – just over half of what a healthy baby boy his age should weigh. Fortunately, we were able to give him sachets of emergency food, packed full of the nutrients needed to save his life. 

Life-saving food parcels

But for an on-going crisis like this, we need long-term solutions that will help displaced families until they're able to return home. In addition to emergency food, cereal, oil and sugar, our food parcels contain eco stoves for cooking and seeds and tools so that families can grow their own food.

We are distributing as many life-saving food parcels to displaced families as we can. But we urgently need your help.

You can save lives this Christmas

You can offer a lifeline to families who have lost everything. Your donation today will help save the lives of babies like Thujin. 

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food bowl
could help to supply a life-saving food parcel for a displaced family
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