Concern First Response

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Concern First Response

First in. Last home. Ready to save lives. You may have met some of our staff recently, talking about Concern First Response.

When an emergency hits, we respond immediately

We don’t know when or where an emergency will happen next but as soon as it hits, we respond immediately. With the help of our supporters, we make sure we’re always prepared. And because we’re prepared, we can act fast to save lives.

We reach the most vulnerable and stay for as long as we’re needed

We help people living in the poorest areas, who are often worst affected. And we leave when we’re sure communities no longer need us.

With your help, we will always be ready to save lives

In many countries, our immediate response supports national charity partners, already on the ground. Regular support from you will help provide the urgently needed supplies in those critical days and hours following an emergency.

A unique opportunity for you to help save lives

As a member of Concern First Response, you’ll become part of an elite team of life-savers. You can be confident that your support will always make a difference. And we’ll keep you updated about the life-saving work you’re making possible. 

So, the next time you see one of our First Response fundraisers, take the opportunity and help us to act fast and save lives when an emergency hits.