Capacity building – a retrospective

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Capacity building – a retrospective

The term “capacity building” means enabling and strengthening individuals and communities to cope with crises.

The case studies in this section reflect the condition of Concern’s programmes at the end of the 1990s and the start of the new century. Since these case studies were compiled, Concern has changed considerably.

Charting development

It is acknowledged that some of the practices in these case studies would now be considered a little outdated in the light of new developments and techniques. They’ve been published here nonetheless because they help chart the progress and evolution of Concern’s approaches to livelihoods and poverty.

Uganda: Rakai Community Capacity Development Programme (1,284 KB)

Bangladesh: Child Survival Programme (CSP) from Saidpur and Parbatipur (358KB)

Bangladesh: Haor Rural Development Project (559 KB)

Bangladesh: Development Strategies for Disaster Preparedness Programme (375KB)

Uganda: Mpigi HIV and AIDS Home Care Programme (605 KB)