Help malnourished children in Ethiopia

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Help malnourished children in Ethiopia

Over 10 million people are facing severe food shortages in Ethiopia due to the worst drought in 50 years. Exacerbated by the El Nino effect, the drought has wiped out crops, devastated livestock and dried up water sources. Families are currently living on rations, but these are rapidly running out and they have nothing to fall back on.

People receive food at a Concern supplementary food distribution centre at Hamusit Health Centre in East Belessa, Northern Ethopia. Photo by Concern Worldwide.

Manwulo’s story

Five-month-old Manwulo and her mother Kelebet own a small amount of land in Northern Ethiopia — an area that’s been hit hard by drought. Their last harvest was so poor that they had been forced to survive on rations. After this, they would have had only two months’ worth of food to sustain them. And when this food ran out, they would no longer have any coping mechanism left for survival.

Day by day, baby Manwulo was losing more and more weight, and she began to develop a cough. Kelebet brought her to the Concern supported Health Centre in East Belessa, Ethiopia. Here, she was measured by nurse Muluken Zeleke and was found to be severely malnourished. Her arm was found to be 4.5cm smaller than the measurement of a healthy child of her age. Thankfully, she is currently being treated with supplementary food and is recovering.

Struggling to survive

Sadly, this story is not uncommon in Ethiopia. Concern supported feeding centres are helping thousands of people on a daily basis, mainly women and young children. However, with the demand for food rising and only existing stock levels available, there soon won’t be enough to go round. If we fail to act now this could become a life-threatening situation.

Life-saving supplementary food and oil is being distributed to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children under five. For a severely malnourished child this nutrient rich, high-energy food is enough to stabalise their condition, for an adult it will prevent malnutrition until their next harvest.

You can help

It costs just €20 to provide a family of four in Ethiopia with food for one month, enough to help save lives and prevent malnutrition until their next harvest.

A donation from you could save lives. Please give what you can.