Help malnourished children in Kenya

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Help malnourished children in Kenya

Life in the slums of Nairobi is hard – particularly for small children.

Children struggling to survive

Overcrowding, a lack of sustainable jobs, poor access to water and sanitation, and limited access to basic services, commonly result in life-threatening malnutrition in children. Those under five are particularly at risk. Our malnutrition programme in Nairobi seeks to help these children – and key to this are our Community Health Workers. Joel is part of the team tasked to identify at-risk, malnourished children, and provide them with access to the urgent medical care they need. He tells us about his work:

When I find a child who is severely malnourished I feel like crying. When a child is like that I am aware that if we do not immediately intervene, we are going to lose that child. I go home feeling almost sick.

Tragic loss of life

Recently, he encountered a little boy living deep within the slum, lying on a makeshift bed and struggling to catch his breath. Malnutrition and extreme anaemia had left him so weak he could barely move. His skin had become pale and every bone in his body was visible – he was fighting for his life. Although Joel rushed him to hospital as fast as he could, the little boy passed away before anyone could save him.

Leonel’s story

Thankfully, help can arrive just when it’s needed. When 19-month old Leonel's mother Ivy struggled to secure work, she could no longer afford to feed Leonel, or herself. When our team first encountered the baby, he was weak, his tummy was swollen, and he was in so much pain. He had no energy to move and his little eyes were hollow with despair. He was suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Quickly, he was treated at a local Concern-supported health centre, but as his state had deteriorated so badly, he had to be referred to hospital for further treatment. Thanks to generous people like you, and the expert diagnosis of our Community Health Worker, however, Leonel’s life was saved.

Help now

No matter how hard our Community Health team works, there are simply not enough of them to reach every child. With your help, however, we can train more Community Health Workers - and save more lives.