Lebanon appeal

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Lebanon appeal

It is a country of sometimes extreme weather: last winter a harsh snowstorm hit the northern provinces, while in September there were sandstorms. These are the conditions that refugees are facing, having fled their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Syrian refugee Afaf* and her family were forced from their home as a result of ongoing, continuous violence.

Afaf's story

Syrian refugee Afaf* and her family were forced from their home as a result of ongoing, continuous violence.

She lives with her 94-year-old mother, her sister and her brother, along with his wife and their children in an abandoned building site, high in the mountains of the Akkar Region, Lebanon. Afaf’s other brother and her two nephews were detained at the border. She has no idea where they are or what has happened to them.

In her old life, Afaf was a successful businesswoman who ran a clothes shop, she says:

It feels like falling from heaven to hell. Please take us back to our old Syria.

Of course, this is not possible. But this Christmas, you can give an ordinary Syrian family like Afaf’s the emergency supplies they need to survive sub-zero temperatures in the exposed mountains of Lebanon.

Urgent need

Afaf’s family are working together with other families in the area, like a commune, sharing what little they have to make sure the most vulnerable survive. Afaf’s neighbours gave her a stove but she has no fuel and is forced to burn rubbish to try and keep the children warm. The fast-approaching harsh winter is a real concern to families who are struggling to survive.

Our work with Syrian refugees

We have been on the ground in Lebanon since 2013 and the situation grows more urgent with every day that passes. We must – and are determined – to reach 220,000 families before the worst of the winter weather sets in. But we need your help.

Many of these families were forced to run for their lives. Afaf fled with her family during a one-hour ceasefire, following days of continuous bombardment on her home town. They had no time to pack their belongings and left with just the clothes they were wearing.

You can help

Families like Afaf’s urgently need fuel or they may not survive the winter. Others need stoves to keep their shelter warm, cook food and dry their clothes and thermal blankets to keep young and old warm during the difficult weather.

A donation from you could save lives this Christmas. Please give what you can.


*Not her real name.