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Support Syrian children now

The Syria Crisis is in its sixth year, meaning that young children, like Sami, have only experienced conflict in their short lives.

Sami fled his home in Syria to safety in Turkey, where he lives with his great-aunt Leena and his family. Photo: Concern Worldwide

Sami’s Story             

As a young child, Sami has experienced more horror and loss than most experience in a lifetime.When a bomb fell near their home, Sami’s mother threw herself on top of him to protect her child. Her brave action spared him his life – but she tragically lost her own. Despite surviving this horrific incident, he suffered permanent damage to his eyesight. 

Following this terrible event, Sami’s family knew they had to act fast to get Sami to safety; before further tragedy could befall them. They fled their home, rushing across the border to Turkey, where Sami could live with his great-aunt Leena and her children. 

A struggle to survive

Sami and his family now call a half-finished room – with minimal protection from the elements – their home. Though they are safe from violence, they can’t afford the basic food and essentials they need to survive. Every month is a struggle to survive. For Sami’s great-aunt Leena, the cost of living means that she and the children don’t have enough to get by on. Leena tried to get a job but no-one would employ her. With deep regret, she was forced to send her ten-year-old son, Anwar, to work at a hotel. Although he is too young to cross a road on his own, Sami may be forced to go to work too, if the family situation doesn’t improve. But with your help, we can prevent this from happening.

Concern emergency cards

Concern emergency cards are a lifeline for Syrian families like Sami’s. They provide a simple, effective solution that enables families to get the important basics that they need.

When people register for their Concern emergency cards, we ensure that they’re given enough to feed every member of their family. It’s a quick, efficient way to reach people in need, especially when they face so much hardship.

They can choose to use their card in local shops for the items they need the most – whether it’s food like rice, potatoes and cooking oil or other basic essentials they need to survive.

After living hand to mouth for so long, our Emergency Cards are giving Syrian refugees the security they need to make it through the month, and the dignity and independence that comes with being able to choose how they care for their families.

Donate now

With 2.7 million Syrian people in Turkey, resources are stretched and there is simply not enough to go around without the help of people like you. Your support could make all the difference. Please don’t wait – donate today.