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could provide warm night kits for two families, including mattresses and blankets.


could help provide shelter repair kits for two families, including a tarpaulin, timber and a door.


could provide a New Arrival Kit, including a shelter, tarpaulin, tools, two mattresses, three blankets and three hygiene kits.


By supporting this year's Concern Fast, you can join us in helping the world’s poorest people.

This year’s Fast takes place on Thursday 21 November.

Winter in Lebanon brings additional challenges for the thousands of refugees forced to flee from ongoing conflict in Syria.

Ahmad and Nahida had a stable happy life before fleeing the war but now, they are forced to live in a cold, damp and fragile shelter with their young son.

Nahida says the winters are hellish, with driving rains flooding the one-room tent in which all of the family sleep. 

“It isn’t easy to live here. It leaks from everywhere. During the storms, the rain comes in everywhere. Even the window can’t keep anything out. My son gets sick and now he needs an inhaler to help him breathe."

Where your money goes

Every cent you raise is vital. Just €40 could make all the difference to families like Ahmad and Nahida's. 

Your donation could help to provide vital Warm Night Kits, Shelter Kits and New Arrival Kits for those families displaced by unrest in their home countries. 

Just one day of sacrifice from you could make a real and long-lasting difference for them, and offer essential hope for those struggling to meet the most basic of human needs. 

If you can't join the Fast - why not donate instead?

  • Hundreds of thousands of families have fled Syria for Lebanon

  • Just €40 could help to pay for Warm Night Kits for two families

  • All money raised will help Syrian refugees in Lebanon

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