Making a will? Leave a gift to Concern

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Making a will? Leave a gift to Concern

We all wish that the world could be a better place for our children and our children’s children. But we have so little control over what’s going to happen as the world becomes a more unstable place to live. So, what can we do?

One thing that is within our control is to leave a gift to a charity like Concern when you're making a will.

Maunel Steven, Peter James, Chifindo Kagons, Malawi 2016. Photo by Jennifer Nolan

Make a real difference

Concern is capable of making a real difference, but eliminating poverty doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why legacies are so important to us. They provide the confidence we need to move forward, in order to make this a better world.

All of us want to imagine a brighter future – not just for our children, but for people the world over. Human nature is about building towards something better, delivering new opportunities and, ultimately, changing the world we live in.

Your gift

Your gift could help the world's poorest people free themselves from hunger for future generations.

For over 40 years Concern has been working to make the vision we share with our supporters a reality: the vision of a world where people’s lives are not limited by the lack of enough nutritious food. Together, we continue to help millions of the world’s poorest communities find their own solutions to hunger and lift themselves out of poverty.

Much of this work has only been possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters and notably those who have chosen to support our work by leaving a gift in their Will. These very special gifts are crucial to making sure our life-saving work continues for future generations. They also help ensure our supporters’ values of concern for others and determination to end hunger live on – continuing to touch and transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people long into the future.

Contact us

If you are interested in leaving a gift to Concern in your will, or would like to know more about this, please contact Siobhán O'Connor at [email protected] or phone + 353 1 417 8020.