Schools in Kenya

Schools in Kenya

A Dublin-based architect contacted Concern in 2006, interested in supporting an education project in Kenya.

Owich school in Suba, west Kenya, which was part funded by a major charity donor. Photo: Concern Worldwide He had met with a number of different charities before choosing a project to support. We invited him in to learn about our work in Nyanza province in the west of the country.

Collapse and poor light

Following a number of conversations, we prepared a proposal for him – reconstructing a school in Suba District in Nyanza. This school was originally built in 1976, with an enrolment of 50 students. In 2005, the school has 267 students, but was in terrible condition. The mud wall structure was at risk from collapse, and the poor light and ventilation added to the difficult classroom environment.

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In 2006, Concern supported the local community in the construction of a new school building with eight classrooms. Three latrine blocks were also constructed; one for boys, one for girls and one for staff. Water storage tanks were provided to store run off water from the roof for use for hygiene and sanitation purposes.


The charity project also supported the school to improve their environment through planting of fruit and shade trees. The enrolment of the new school rose to 300 students, with scope to increase further in the future.


The donor provided €20,000 towards the reconstruction of the school. He received reports on the progress of the build throughout 2006, with a final report in 2007 showing the finished school. In 2008 he hopes to visit Suba to see the school he supported and visit other Concern projects in the area, with the aim of continuing his support for the local community.

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