Educational Initiative for Africa

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Educational Initiative for Africa

The Educational Initiative for Africa has supported Concern’s work in Niger since 2006. Since then, with their help, we have been able to do some amazing work.

Our achievements

By the end of 2010, our achievements have included the following: 

  • We constructed 114 new classrooms and 228 latrines, and rehabilitated 44 existing classrooms
  • We built three teacher resource centres 
  • We supplied and fitted solar panels for 20 schools, and were responsible for the digging of 22 wells 

Thanks to the improved infrastructure, and with the support of the Educational Initiative for Africa, 77% more students are enrolled in school. This includes 113% more girls than in 2006. Also, 2,690 teachers received training. 

Take a look

Click on the icons on the map below to see what infrastructure has been provided where. Alternatively, if you have Google Earth installed, see the region in more detail