Pathway to a better life in Haiti

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Pathway to a better life in Haiti

The Women of Concern group is helping women in Haiti lift themselves out of poverty. Here’s how.

The microfinance revolution

Giving poor people access to funds is essential for helping them out of poverty. This is the idea behind microfinance. Over the last 30 years, microfinance institutions – which provide financial services for poor people – have created a revolution.

We know from experience that microfinance can unleash the great potential in people. It can lead to clear social and financial progress within poor communities.

Women being excluded

However, many poor people, especially women, are still excluded from these services. This is particularly true in remote and disaster-affected areas.

For nine years, we have been working to provide loans to people in remote areas in Haiti. We have identified local partners such as Fonkoze, who are experienced in targeting the neediest in both urban and rural areas.

A vulnerable country

Women in Haiti are in dire need of this help. The country was hit by four hurricanes in 2008. Haiti also suffers from extreme food shortages, made worse by rising food and fuel prices.

The situation is particularly bad for women. Almost half of women in Haiti are illiterate. Their life expectancy is 52 years.

Pathway to a better life

Our “Chemin Lavi Meyo” project has been set up to ensure people can provide for their families in a secure and sustainable way. Chemin Lavi Meyo means “pathway to a better life.”

We have provided access to health services and vaccinations for women who would otherwise have been destitute. They have received training in pre- and post-natal care, and in how to develop small businesses.

The project showed very positive results. The women involved experienced dramatic improvements in their lives. Child malnutrition was completely eradicated.

We need your help

With your help, we will be able to continue these successes with another 150 families and continue to help reduce poverty in Haiti.

We plan to continue training women on health issues, including the use of clean drinking water, vaccinations and the value of nutrition. We also plan to construct more latrines and repair people’s houses. The women will also receive business assistance to help them support their families.

If you’d like to support us in this work, contact or phone (01) 4791301.