Your donation and tax back

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Your donation and tax back

Save more children's lives today, without donating an extra cent! Have you donated to Concern in the last four years? With just a quick signature, more funds could be heading to the world's poorest communities.

CHY3 Tax back form and CHY3 Notes

Nyakoun with her baby son, Thujin, at Concern’s nutrition centre in Gambella, Ethiopia. Thujin received emergency therapeutic food packed full of nutrients that helped save his life. Photo: Jennifer Nolan, Ethiopia, 2017

How it works

The Government-approved tax back scheme allows charities like Concern to claim 45% in tax back on donations. All you need to do is sign and return a tax-back form so we can claim the tax back.

Tax back criteria

In order for Concern to claim tax back on your donations, donors must meet certain criteria. You must have:

  • Donated €250 or more to Concern in one year (January-December) in the last four years (2015-2018)
  • Been PAYE in any of the four years, or self-assessed for donations made from 2013 onwards
  • Donated yourself directly rather than sponsored a friend or taken part in a raffle or collection.

That means when a donor gives €250 or more in one year, their gift is worth at least an additional €112.33. If everyone were to send back their forms, we could unlock millions of much-needed income to help save lives in the communities where we work. But we cannot do anything unless donors sign and return their tax back forms.

Tax back scheme

Following the 2013 budget, changes were made to the tax relief scheme on charitable donations.

Tax scheme (2013 onwards): CHY3 Tax back form and CHY3 Notes

  • All taxpayers (PAYE & Self-assessed)
  • One form valid for five years (after which donors can renew their tax form either by SMS, email or phone – so less paperwork and less hassle!)
  • One standard tax rate applies for everyone

How your tax helps

By simply signing your tax relief form, you will help us reach more vulnerable families like Nyakoun's, and provide them with emergency therapeutic food and supplies so they can begin to rebuild their lives.

Nyakoun holds her baby son, Thujin, as she tends to the vegetable garden she has planted from the seeds her family received from Concern. Photo: Jennifer Nolan, Ethiopia, 2017

Nyakoun’s family fled from horrific conflict in South Sudan, and found safety in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Sadly, her baby son Thujin was suffering from malaria and became dangerously malnourished.

But, thanks to Concern supporters like you, Thujin was given emergency therapeutic food which is packed full of nutrients that helped save his life, and Nyakoun received seeds and tools to start growing her own food and become self-sufficient.

We urgently need to claim back the tax on your donations so we can support more vulnerable families like Nyakoun’s. Please complete your tax form today so your gifts can save even more lives.

Any questions?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Donor Care team at 01 417 7777 or email [email protected]