West Africa emergency appeal

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West Africa emergency appeal

More than one million children are critically malnourished in the Sahel region of west Africa. Harvests have failed and food prices have soared making food an unaffordable luxury for many families. Niger is one of the countries worst hit by these food shortages and appalling droughts.

Sahel food crisis

We are responding in some of the worst affected areas in Niger and Chad, but more help is urgently needed. Many families have resorted to eating wild plants just to stay alive.

Barely surviving

Saminou Yacoubou (pictured) is just two years old. Saminou’s family live in Tahoua, Niger. They are surviving on just two small bowls of millet porridge a day. This isn’t enough to keep one person healthy, let alone a family. 

Severe malnutrition

Recently, Saminou developed marasmus – a severe form of malnutrition that wastes muscle, stunts growth and causes skin to shrivel and peel. But he is one of the lucky ones. His mother, Aicha, brought him to one of our health centres just in time. There he received the emergency food and treatment that almost certainly saved his life.

Our charity work

We are working with local health centres to ensure they have the capacity to diagnose and treat children for malnutrition. We are also working with 3,018 people in Tahoua, Niger, to ensure the land is prepared for the next agricultural season. We are also distributing small cash grants to help people get the money they need to buy food.

You can help

Your donation will help save the lives of critically malnourished children like Saminou by providing food and other essentials as well as vital medical care. This response saved lives in east Africa last summer. With your support, it can save lives in west Africa too. 

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Latest report

The news report below shows Concern helping children in our feeding centres.

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