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All the latest updates on our charity work from around the world.

In Ethiopia, people are walking up to five hours a day just to get water. See the impact of the disaster in our powerful film.

In the last few years, the community spirit of flood-hit towns in Cumbria and the West Country has been truly amazing. It really shows the worst emergencies can bring out the best in people. That’s true in the UK, and true in Ethiopia too.

Living with cancer is frightening wherever you are. But what if your hospital was hit by missiles? What if you had to move away from your child? For Rabia, a refugee from the Syria crisis, sewing workshops are an emotional lifeline.

One year after the Nepal earthquake, Concern aid worker Anne-Marie McCarthy remembers a disaster that killed thousands – and left many more homeless and terrified.

John Treacy, marathon silver medallist at the 1984 Olympics, reveals how good nutrition got him over the line – and how it could transform the lives of millions worldwide.

A massive drought has put millions of people in Ethiopia at risk. But farmers like Ali Assen Ali, who we supported three years ago, are better placed than many to get through the crisis.