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All the latest updates on our charity work from around the world.

People in Sudan’s West Darfur region rely on agriculture as their main way of earning a living. And while it holds much potential, there is still support needed to make land and animals more productive.

We need to think creatively to help people there build the local economy and reduce poverty. That’s why we hatched an audacious plan – to fly 27 Shami goats to West Darfur from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

The World Humanitarian Summit, taking place today and tomorrow in Istanbul, comes at a critical time for millions of disaster-affected people around the world. It provides an opportunity for governments, donors and aid agencies to agree fundamental improvements to the way they support people hit by emergencies.

At a global summit in Instanbul, politicians are asking how to help people caught up in conflict and disaster. See live updates from this crucial event.

The Right to Food is a basic human right, enshrined in international law. Everyone is entitled to access nutritious food, regardless of location, season or wealth. Today we launch Food is Power, a campaign recognising that food powers our bodies and also powers development. Food is Power aims to transform the way we think about food. It also highlights the importance of investing in nutrition in order to power development and end hunger.

Right now the world is grappling with a host of deadly threats, from war in Syria to climate change. Boosting resilience (people’s ability to anticipate, cope with and recover from crisis) is more important than ever. But how exactly do we do that? Our new report, drawing on years of experience around the globe, has some of the answers.

Going hungry used to be normal for Monica and her family. But with a little help from us, their lives have changed completely. To mark National Vegetarian Week, we’re revealing the power of nutrition-packed veg.