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Building on Unheard Voices

Concern Worldwide's Unheard Voices campaign has been hugely successful since its launch four years ago.

Your voices were heard and have made a real difference in the fight against hunger. This year marks the end of the campaign as we join other leading charities in a new movement to fight global hunger.

Golden opportunity

With one-in-eight people still going to bed hungry every night, the need for change remains critical. We know that the UK presidency of the G8 and the Irish presidency of the EU in 2013 present us with a golden opportunity. With your help, we will be calling on political leaders to address the inequality that causes millions to live under the constant threat of hunger.

Campaign success 

There have been many highlights throughout our Unheard Voices campaign. From Nick Clegg’s announcement that the UK would commit £150 million to smallholder farming, to the release of a progress report on food security funding promised at the 2008 G8 Summit.

Leading the way

In addition, David Cameron recently announced that he will be hosting a special event on food and nutrition to “lead the way in the battle against hunger”. It will take place ahead of the G8 Summit in June, which will be held in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Affecting change

The event is in response to the thousands of supporters who signed petitions and wrote letters to MPs calling for the UK to keep its G8 hunger promise. We worked with several other charities to ensure that Cameron uses the UK’s G8 Presidency to take the lead on tackling hunger. 

What lies ahead

Thank you for your support so far. We look forward to working with you in 2013 – the year that could be pivotal in finally bringing an end to global hunger.