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Ahmad and Nahida's story

Ahmad and Nahida had a "very happy" life in Syria before conflict broke out.

Ahmad (31) worked in construction with Nahida's brother and the couple had a comfortable, furnished home to call their own. 

Nahida (also 31) says the winters are hellish, with driving rains flooding the one-room tent in which all of the family sleep. 

“It isn’t easy to live here," she tells us. "It leaks from everywhere. During the storms, the rain comes in everywhere. Even the window can’t keep anything out. My son gets sick and now he needs an inhaler to help him breathe."

“After the first storm, I brought him to the doctor because he was very sick. All of the family gets sick because of the wet. My children are all so cold and very sick.”


Nahida continues to say that she never could have imagined living in such conditions when she was back in Syria and struggles with being unable to provide for her family. 

“At night, we all sleep in this room together. It is very tough for us with a small baby but we have to bear it because there is no other solution.  

“I can’t always afford decent food for my children. They often ask me for something they want to eat but I can’t give it to them. I get really sad. It is so sad when your child asks for something that you cannot give.”

“For now, we cannot go back to Syria but we hope that in the future the (conflict) will end and we might be able to go back. Living in a tent is not that easy but it is the only solution as it all that we can afford.”

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