What are the debates really like?

What are the debates really like?

This is what a few of our past debaters have to say about the debates:

“I have found the Concern Debates absolutely brilliant! I have only been in two so far but it has been such a learning experience. I have not only educated myself in subjects like the UN, but I have really gained so much confidence, although the ole' legs shake still when I get up to speak! Thanks once again for this opportunity.”
Sarah Murphy

“Due to the debates, I have become much more aware; I buy fair trade products and encourage others to do the same.”
Francis Dowling

“Since being involved with these debates I have learned so much. Now especially, I am always encouraging my friends to buy fair trade stuff.”
Kate O’Connor

“The debates have helped my confidence and it has made me more aware of issues in the world today.”
Emma Fogarty

“The debates make me more conscious of the planet and its people and the fact that I’m a ‘child of the universe.’”
James Mahon