Ireland: leading the fight against hunger

Ireland: leading the fight against hunger

Ireland has committed to allocating 20% of its overseas aid budget to eradicating world hunger. This is visionary and necessary.

Ireland is leading the way in the fight against world hunger. To ensure Ireland’s leadership role, we need to:

  • Be a global leader by speaking out on the urgent need to address hunger and malnutrition
  • Stay on track with the UN target of investing 0.7% of gross national income in overseas aid by 2015
  • Publish the results showing how Ireland’s 20% commitment to hunger and nutrition is being spent

Yes, we can

On his recent visit to Ireland, President Barack Obama said: "[Ireland chooses] to apply the lessons of [its] own past to assume a heavier burden of responsibility on the world stage. And today, a people who once knew the pain of an empty stomach now feeds those who hunger abroad."

President Barack Obama in Ireland, 2011.

World action

In September 2010, Ireland and the US launched the 1,000 days campaign at the UN summit in New York. This kick-started world action and placed a new focus on childhood and maternal nutrition, which spurred on the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement. The Irish and US governments agreed to provide international leadership in promoting this work. Ireland has taken on a special role as “donor convener” in Malawi and Tanzania.

Assuming responsibility

Ireland needs to continue this good work by investing in the critical window of opportunity in the 1,000 days between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday. If we ensure good nutrition during these 1,000 days we will be making a significant impact on global health and development.

In depth

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