Cluster Munition Coalition

Cluster Munition Coalition

Cluster bombs are maiming and killing innocent people. Concern, as part of a coalition, is supporting a push to ban them for good. An international conference and online petition are the next steps.

Imagine for a moment, standing in a field in Cambodia or on a narrow street in Chechnya, or perhaps on a parched strip of land in Iraq. Around you, stretching out in all directions for many hundreds of feet, are cluster bombs.

These bombs contain many deadly explosive devices. They may not have detonated when they were originally dropped from a plane, or fired from a far-off location, but they are still live, still fatal, still waiting to explode.

The conflict may be over, but the cluster bombs, like landmines, remain. They are indiscriminate. They stop people from being able to use their land and access schools and hospitals. They can remain a threat for decades.

These are the many countries who are affected by cluster bombs. Concern, and a number of other organisations, are looking to help them.