Impact of aid cuts

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Impact of aid cuts

Since July 2008, Ireland’s overseas aid budget has been slashed four times, resulting in a drop of €222 million. The impact of these cuts is already being felt.

The cuts in 2008 and 2009 represent 24% of the total aid budget. This was well in excess of the fall in national income, which is estimated to have been around 8 to 10%.


The aid cuts have been hugely disproportionate. But even more disproportionate is the impact of these cuts on the very poorest people around the world.


We have been forced to make extremely tough decisions over the last year. We’ve had to cut programmes in almost 20 of our countries and are withdrawing entirely from three countries. We have made over 500 staff redundant and are severely cutting costs and budgets.

Horrendous decisions

In every decision taken, the highest priority has been to protect the poorest and most vulnerable people. Cuts of this scale mean horrendous decisions have to be made. Here are two examples:

Everyday struggle

The point is that these aid cuts are having a disproportionate impact on the lives of millions of poor people. They are already grappling with extreme poverty every day of their lives.

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