Stop Climate Chaos

Stop Climate Chaos

Concern is part of a unique coalition of Irish agencies, calling on government and political parties to ensure that Ireland does its fair share to prevent climate change.

Charity coalition: Stop Climate Chaos The Stop Climate Chaos coalition aims to mobilise public support throughout Ireland in order to generate much needed political action to meet this global challenge.

Common vision

The coalition has come together with a common vision – a world where human impact on the global climate has been minimised to a level that enables social, environmental and economic justice for all. The founding members include Concern, Friends of the Earth, Trócaire and others.

Key demands

The Stop Climate Chaos campaign has three key demands:

  • Ensure Ireland does its fair share to prevent climate chaos by immediately bringing in a climate change law.
  • Push for an international agreement to keep the rise in global temperatures to two degrees Celsius or less.
  • Support developing countries to adapt to the unavoidable effects of climate change.

Get involved

The coalition website contains valuable information on how the public can call on election candidates for action and how individuals can make changes themselves.

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