World Humanitarian Day

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World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on 19 August every year; it recognises the contribution made by humanitarian workers worldwide.


On 19 August 2003, 22 humanitarian aid workers were killed by a bomb which targeted the UN headquarters in Baghdad. In recognition of this tragedy, the United Nations General Assembly has designated 19 August as World Humanitarian Day.

Honouring aid workers

It is intended that this day increases public awareness about humanitarian activities. It is also an opportunity to give special recognition to all aid workers – especially those who have lost their lives in responding to disasters. World Humanitarian Day also highlights the plight of the millions of people who suffer as a result of conflict and crisis. 

Concern’s responsibility

As a humanitarian agency, Concern has a responsibility to save lives and reduce the suffering of those who are affected by crises around the world. Many of the world's poorest countries are vulnerable to natural disasters because of their climate and geography. 

Natural disasters

According to the UN, approximately 70% of natural disasters are now climate-related. Climate change and the global rise in food prices have contributed to the fact that now more than a billion people are malnourished. This is what World Humanitarian Day is trying to highlight.

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