Other ways to help in your company

Other ways to help in your company

Recycle your mobiles and print cartridges

Help Concern and the environment at the same time!

Concern runs a mobile phone recycling and print cartridge programme that you could set up in your company. Each phone and cartridge recycled results in a donation for Concern from an organisation called Recycling Appeal.

Dublin Bus refunds campaign

When you get a bus in Dublin you have to pay for your ticket with the exact amount. No change is given. Instead a refund is issued with your ticket if you are owed change.

These refunds can now make a big difference to the people Concern helps.

Get involved

If you are based in the Dublin area you could join our Dublin bus refunds campaign. Simply collect bus refund tickets and send them to us so we can claim money from Dublin Bus and use it to help those living in extreme poverty.

Please send your bus ticket refunds to:

Concern Worldwide
Dublin Bus refunds campaign
52-55 Camden Street
Dublin 2

Be sure to include your company details with the receipts so we can send a thank you letter.

Corporate gifts

Every Christmas companies all over Ireland donate part of, or their entire corporate gifts budget, to Concern instead of buying gifts for their clients. To find out information about how your company can give a gift that lasts, please email [email protected]