Partnering with us

Partnering with us

Concern offers a number of different types of charity partnerships to businesses.

Depending on your company’s objectives, we can identify possible project sponsorship opportunities, connecting Concern’s work with your work. We are proud to have a number of partnerships with leading companies who support Concern’s work.

Companies we collaborate with include Accenture, Kerry Group and KPMG

Expertise and support

Accenture and their employees offer their support and expertise to Concern in a number of different ways. The company is also supporting a three-year conservation agriculture project in Zambia and Malawi. It enables local people to significantly improve their crop yields.

Hunger and nutrition

Following on from a three-year partnership between Kerry Group, Concern and International Food Policy Research Institute. Kerry Group has committed further significant funding to Concern’s new Realigning Agriculture  to Improve Nutrition (RAIN) project. This five-year programme focuses on preventing malnutrition and improving mortality in young children in central Zambia.

Read more about this project.


Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies can help us with our health and HIV and AIDS programmes.


Information Communication Technology companies could potentially help us use technology more efficiently. This could improve and effectively to streamline the delivery of our education, health and livelihoods programmes.

Exploring links

Our corporate team would be delighted to explore possible links between Concern and your company.

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with companies who can support and help us achieve real and lasting change.

Cause-related marketing

Another type of partnership is a cause related marketing alliance. This means that a product or brand is linked to the Concern brand to the mutual benefit of both.

Read more about cause-related marketing or branding partnerships.

Corporate social responsibility

If your company is reviewing your corporate social responsibility objectives, and would like to support Concern’s work, you can find out more by contacting Jennifer Hoey at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call us on +353 1 417 7756.