Concern Debates: National Final

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Concern Debates: National Final

The Concern Debates National Final 2017–2018 took place on Thursday 3 May at 7pm in The Helix, DCU.

St. Kilian’s German School Debates Team

The teams taking part were St.Kilian's German School, Dublin 14 (pictured above) and Athlone Community College, Athlone, Co. Westmeath (pictured below).

The motion debated on the night was "To Achieve the SGD’s we must rekindle the spirit of 1968".

Both teams presented fantastic arguments, and displayed great skills in rebuttal, public speaking and use of sources. St Kilian’s were the winners on the night and will be travelling to visit Concern programmes in Kenya this summer. Our fantastic runners up, Athlone Community College will be travelling with Concern to visit the European parliament and the Hague this summer also.

Athlone Community College Debates Team

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