Concern Debates: league phase

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Concern Debates: league phase

Concern Debates 2017 winners from Sacred Heart Clonakilty

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The Concern Debates league phase is now in its final stages, with most schools completing their final debates. It has been a fantastic competition so far with amazing work put in by all of our debaters and mentors!

Here are some quotes from the highly exciting 2017-2018 league phase:

Motion 1: To end hunger, the world must embrace GMOs

“Tell me how a genetically modified potato is going to help a girl in the developing world get an education or even tackle climate change? … GMOs are not addressing the root causes of hunger, they are like putting a small bandage on a very large wound”

- Jane, Bailieborough Community School

Motion 3:Young people today are indifferent to the problems of the developing world

“As under 18s, if we don’t have a say in how our own country is run, how are we to make a difference in developing world? We’re not indifferent, we’re blocked”

- Eily, Mount Anville

We will soon be contacting schools regarding the playoff and knockout stages. The top EIGHT schools without byes will progress immediately to the knockout round. The next 16 schools in the league table will play off against each other in the playoff round to join the top eight in the knockout round.

You will be informed by Monday 29 January if you are in the playoff stage and have to debate the motion below.

Playoff motion: The European Union is failing Africa

Please refer to page 11 in the Debates Handbook for more information. 

2017-2018 league phase results

We will be posting our final league table on Monday 29 January. Please let us know if there are any mistakes or clarifications to be made. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Debates HQ at [email protected] with any questions you might have. 

Please be aware of how points are awarded:

Unanimous Win: 3-0 All three (or two) adjudicators agree one team are the clear winner

Majority Win: 2-1 Two adjudicators feel one team was the winner and one adjudicator feels the other team are the winner. If only two adjudicators are present they can also award a 2-1 if they feel it was a close debate

Majority Loss Zero points

Minority Loss: One point

Draw: 1.5 points per school

Bye: 3 points awarded to a school in situations where their opponents drop out. However the 3 points are not seen as equal to a win. Please read page 11 in the Debates Handbook.

New to the debates?

Are you new to the Concern Debates? Find everything you need to know here.

How does it work?

Teams debate four out of five motions in the League Phase. The motions are provided to participating schools after the registration deadline. Teams receive points (out of 3) for each debate, 3–0 for a unanimous win/loss, 2-1 for a majority win/loss and 1.5–1.5 for a draw. These are added up in the league table and their place in the table is calculated. The top 24 schools then go through to the playoffs or straight to the knockout phase.

Can't make the date?

If there is a problem and you can't make the date you are given for your school debate, please let us know as soon as possible. We try to facilitate date changes where possible, but we need at least two weeks' notice beforehand. You can submit a request for a date change by filling in the form below.

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