Someone Like Me

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Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me is an illustrated children's book that tells the stories of children affected by war, natural disaster and extreme poverty.

Colourful illustration in Someone Like Me takes young readers on a journey to countries like Somalia, Bangladesh and Lebanon. Credit: Concern Worldwide.

About the book

This book explores the lives of children living in countries around the developing world, with the aim of introducing children in Ireland to concepts of development in a way they can understand. With colourful illustration and easy-to-read stories the book takes young readers on an exciting journey around the world to countries like Somalia, Bangladesh and Lebanon, where they learn about children just like them – their struggles, bravery and dreams for the future. Read more about Someone Like Me from the book's author, Fionnagh Nally.

Educational lessons

Someone Like Me is an educational resource that allows children to understand global development issues and what life is like for other children around the world. It also introduces children to the work of aid agencies like Concern, and how our work can help people who are less well off. 

How to order

The book is priced at €10, including postal and package, and is available to order online now.

Teachers and parents can also download and print a Someone Like Me illustration for children to colour in.