Talks and workshops

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Talks and workshops

Would your school like to learn more about development issues? Let us know and we will send one of our school speakers to visit you.

Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals

School speaker 

Our school speaker will visit your school and explore some of the issues relating to Concern’s work in a simple and understandable way. Students will learn how they themselves can become involved in fighting poverty. For example, students may get to see some of the materials that we distribute in an emergency, or learn how our staff check for malnutrition in the countries where we work. 

Topics we can discuss include:

  • Introduction to Debating
  • World Hunger
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Gender Equality
  • Climate Justice
  • Poverty

The Concern Fast

Every year, we ask supporters to fast for 24 hours to raise money for the world’s poorest people. It’s a brilliant opportunity for Irish schools to introduce students to global issues whilst also providing them with the chance to get creative with their fundraising.
Register early at and we will send one of our speakers to your school to explain the issues that the Fast addresses.