Guardians of Goodness

Guardians of Goodness Concern

What is Guardians of Goodness?

Guardians of Goodness is a special club for children aged 6-11 who want to gain a better understanding of the world around them. They'll join Bella and B.I.G as they travel the globe, learning how to make the world a better place! 

How does it work?

In return for a monthly donation of €10 which will help us to continue our life-saving work, your little Guardian will receive a fun educational pack every three months that is filled with games, puzzles, stickers and facts about the world!


How do you join?

  1. Sign your little Guardian up to the Guardians of Goodness Club for just €10 per month via the sign up button below
  2. Your little Guardian's first fun educational pack will then be sent out directly in the post in a matter of days
  3. Your little Guardian will continue to receive these fun educational packs every three months for the entire year

What do other families think?

How your donation helps

Therapeutic food icon
Could provide emergency food to a family in need
Could provide a mosquito net that could save someone from malaria.
Could provide clean water tablets to help purify dirty water