Helping families in crisis

Nyakoun and her baby Thujin who is being treated for severe malnutrition by Concern in a camp for South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia. Photo: Jennifer Nolan / Concern Worldwide, August 2017.

When disaster strikes

We all experience crisis in our lives. And when we do, we all reach out for help. Often the support we need is just a phone call away. But for people living in extreme poverty, sometimes even the most basic services are beyond reach.


Conflict, drought and natural disasters are a fact of life for millions of people around the world. And when they strike, families are faced with desperately tough decisions.

If drought was destroying your livelihood, if food and water were in short supply and help was far away, what would you do? Would you stay put and hope for  rain to fall or help to arrive ? Or would you walk for days, possibly weeks, in search of help, not knowing if your family would survive the journey?

Sadly, that is the devastating reality faced by some families today. Here at Concern, we believe that no-one should have to make decisions like these.

How we help

We work with the world's poorest communities, supporting people to improve their lives and leave poverty behind. 

And when disaster strikes, we are there to help. Be it providing life-saving emergency food to malnourished children or trucking water to drought-ridden villages, we are not afraid to go to the most remote and challenging locations to ensure that our support is provided wherever it is needed most.

Your support will make a difference

We need your help will continue to assist families affected by crisis around the world

With your support we can make this a world that works for everyone, with no-one left behind. Together, we can change lives. 

could help feed a family for one week (maize, salt, oil and grain) in Kenya
could provide three hygiene kits for families in Syria
health cross
could buy a life-saving food parcel for a displaced family seeking refuge in Ethiopia