Graduation Programme in Burundi - briefing paper 2015

This briefing paper summarises the findings from a midline survey undertaken in June 2014, a year and a half after the start of the programme.

The survey was undertaken four months after the consumption/income support phase but before the asset transfer.

Overall, we have seen positive improvements in the well-being of programme participants since the start of the programme. Participants report several significant improvements in human and social indicators, as well as income- and asset-based indicators, a year and a half since the start of the Terintambwe programme, relative to households in the comparison group.

What the data does not yet show us is whether the impacts will be sustained over time although this will be analysed following two further surveys planned for the end of the programme (end line) and a year and a half after the end of the programme (follow-up) and will aim to isolate the impact of activities that have taken place since the consumption/income support phase including skills development and regular coaching, asset transfers and economic activity.

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