Employee experiences - Pete Power

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Employee experiences - Pete Power

Pete Power worked with Concern, Ireland’s largest aid agency for just over 18 months and in that short time he has seen first hand some of the extraordinary work we do.

Pete is from Rathgormack, a small village in the south of Ireland. 

Pete is on the board of AMK Bank in Cambodia. The bank is owned by Concern and has 100,000 people on its books. The best way to explain the bank is to compare it with the Credit Union network in Ireland.

“The AMK Bank offers short loans to poor people in Cambodia. The average loan is approximately €70. The loans are mainly term loans to get people through lean times”.

In addition to his work with AMK, Pete has also been key to putting a new financial system in place in all 30 countries around the world where Concern is working.

As a qualified accountant, Pete points out that what appeals to him particularly about Concern is that its purpose is to help people, whereas in the world of industry and finance the bottom line is profit and that’s not his passion or interest.

“Concern is making a difference, it impacts on people’s lives and that impresses me,” he explains.