Kenya: Urgent appeal

Kame is malnourished after drought in Marsabit decimated her family's source of food and income. Photo: Jennifer Nolan, Kenya. February 2017

Kenya: Urgent appeal

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Families in Kenya need your help

Kenya is in the grip of a severe drought that is affecting half of the country. Harvests have failed and livestock are dying at alarming rates. Families have been left without enough food to eat. Children are already malnourished and are at risk of losing their lives.

Alex's story

Alex Ali is a farmer. He used to have a herd of 300 goats and could confidently provide for his family. Then the devastating drought began and Alex lost all except one of his goats, leaving the family with no income and no source of food. Now as his family go hungry, his beautiful daughter, Kame, has become visibly malnourished. Alex feels utterly helpless. 

"My daughter asks me for food when she wakes up. She is still asking last thing at night. But I have nothing to give her. I know she is malnourished. I have never found myself in such a desperate situation,” he told us.

Time is running out

When we met Alex and his family they had a meagre ten day supply of maize left. A lack of nutrition has left his wife Salol anaemic and she is unable to breastfeed their newborn baby. She said, “We’re dying from hunger. We need help”.

Concern is on the ground, providing emergency therapeutic food and mobile healthcare to malnourished children. But time is running out and we need your help.

Will you help to save lives today?

This devastating drought has left thousands of families in the same desperate situation as Alex and his family. Please donate today and help to save the lives of children like Kame.

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could provide a malnourished child with a five week course of emergency therapeutic food
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can provide one family with enough food to eat for five weeks